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9:00AM Sunday School 10:15AM Worship Service w/social distancing

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Random Ramblings

by: Wayne Schueler



Good morning.

I am struck by the thought, "We've never been this way before." I just completed my first video office visit with one of my doctors. A bit odd to say the least at least at the beginning, but we soon settled into the normal doctor/patient conversation. I am still of that generation that feels like the screen is a bit impersonal, but readily understand and respect the necessity of all this.

The same is true for us in the church. One of my d...

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Random Thots after Sunday

by: Wayne Schueler



Blessings all,

As many of you know who are taking the time to read this, yesterday, March 22 found the vast majority of our churches either completely empty ore perhaps inhabited by groups of 10 or less. Having prepared and recorded the service beforehand, there was no need for me to set my usual Sunday morning alarm.

I did wake up around that time anyway. It felt a bit strange not having to go through my usual routine of getting to church at a certain t...

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Half Empty or Half Full

by: Wayne Schueler



Sermon Notes from Exodus 17:1-7

Taking something negative and turning it into something positive

Half Empty

When the Israelites complained to Moses that they had no water to drink, they backed him into a corner.

Although they had been helped before with water, bread and protection from the Egyptians they still had a negative attitude.

They failed to make the connection that God would help them now, just...

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In a Mess, but Blessed

by: Wayne Schueler



Sermon Notes from Lent 1 - Genesis 3:1-21

The topic most talked about in conversation is what’s wrong with our world.

In a Mess

Somehow, God’s beautiful creation has been all messed up.

Sin is nothing new, you might say it’s as old as Adam and Eve.

Everything was going well in the Garden of Eden with God in charge placing man there to cultivate and guard it.

Adam is happy, e...

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